Integral design and development

Turnkey works

Our technical offices, work with indispensable tools, such as computer design and drawing, and elements of high technological development, allowing us to develop specific machines, complete projects, and latest generation turnkey works.

Technology development

Automation department

Our automation department studies these situations present in industries of the most diverse branches, warehouses or logistics, having all the necessary tools to find the best answer to each of these challenges.

Personalized advice

Large, medium and small businesses

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are able to understand the needs of our customers, so that they can offer the most economically and technically beneficial solutions.

Continuous improvements

A priority of Rolmec.

With increasing levels of production, industry in general needs to resort to continuous improvements in its level of production. Improvements that result in increased productivity, lower casualties, better working conditions, lower costs.

Installation and commissioning

Of our machines and spare parts

At  Rolmec. we have a team of highly trained professionals, ready to provide the best service of installation and commissioning of our catalogue of machines and equipment.

Post-Sale and Warranty

Committed to quality

Developing, reinventing, building, arming, and testing new Equipment, Systems and Industrial Machines according to the needs of our various Customers, in the most diverse areas.

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